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MECWAR was established in 2004 according to registration law No. 17212 of the Ministry of Trade.

Our activities, mentioned in detail in the Activity page, spheres mostly around construction work from buildings to roads and bridges to sewage systems and so on but we also are experts in the field of electrical networking and we are capable of implanting electrical plants.

All our activities are carried out under the supervision of our experienced engineers who are well-known in Iraq .

In our contracts for construction we provide all the material, equipment, personnel and parts needed for that particular construction.

We supervise all steps of the work to ensure a safe and sound work that would please our customers.


There are several factories and companies supporting us in our tasks, especially the following:

  • Hamid Factory for ready-made concrete
  • Baghdad Factory for ready-made concrete and concrete blocks
  • Dijla Company for ceramic and tiles
  • Hussein Company for ceramic and tiles
  • Hussein Al-Kadhimi Company for central air-conditioning
  • Al-Dahan Company for rocks, mosaic, marble and concrete tiles (shteigers)
  • Al-Bahrani Company for secondary ceilings
  • Babel Aluminum Company
  • Al-Wadhih Building Company for computers Ltd.